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Jet Force recall

Black Diamond, Inc – on behalf of its subsidiary brands, Black Diamond, PIEPS and POC – is issuing a voluntary recall for all JetForce avalanche airbags in order to carry out a required firmware update. In a limited number of cases, system malfunctions have resulted in involuntary shutdown and/or failure to deploy. These malfunctions can be resolved by a firmware update at one of our global service centers. There have been no accidents or injuries resulting from these malfunctions. This […]

Marker Kingpin

DIN range 6 – 13 Recom. Skier’s Weight 130+ lbs Height w/o ski 21 mm Brake Width 100mm (125mm available) Toe System Kingpin Pintech Toe Step-in heel Kinpin Weight without brake 650g Weight with brake 730g Color Combinations black / gold   review coming soon

DPS Skis

Seeing a pair of DPS ski’s on the slopes is like seeing a Ferrari on the highway. You just have to follow it or stop and have a look when parked. The last couple of a years the extreme light ski’s have become massively popular. Time to share there background story. And some great footage. Compared to the classic ski brands, some of which were founded as early as the 1920s and 1930s, DPS is the bold, young, and ambitious […]

Blackdiamond Jetforce Vs. Scott Airbag

OrangePow believes that the new Jetforce system will be the next big thing. Made by Blackdiamond, the system will also come in POC and Pieps models. However, it depends on your preferences. If you are a tour skier doing a lot of climbing it’s nice to have a lightweight bag. Maybe next years Jetforce will improve the weight issue. Jetforce Pro’s        practice , practice, practice as much as you like. Just recharge the battery and you are […]

Wax Never Again

A WELLS man has helped to set up a company which has found a way for people to ski and snowboard without damaging the environment. Derek Prince, a ski instructor and trainer, believes he has found a way that means snowsports enthusiasts can ditch the wax for good. Ski wax is applied to the bottom of skis or snowboards to improve their performance on snow. But many of these waxes are made up of crude oil and Petroleum by-products, fluorocarbons, […]


Drones are comeing. No news there. In a couple of years you will see people shredding the mountain with a drone behind them. Resulting in a bird eye footage. Pretty awesome right?   Here a couple of interesting drones you might be seeing in your ski resort. Team Nixie (http://flynixie.com) is developing the first wearable drone camera, which can be worn around your wrist. The team won the Grand Prize for the Intel Make It Wearable Challenge on November 3, […]


Wearable technology is popping up in more and more areas of life — and that includes the ski slopes. The RideOn AR snow goggles have just appeared on Indiegogo, offering skiers and snowboarders a view of the mountain augmented with digital overlays. Don one of these headsets and you can get directions, messages, weather reports, virtual gates and more projected right in front of your eyes. These kind of features are particularly useful up on a mountain, where the weather […]