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Ski Movie trailers 2015-2016

Passenger Passenger, the latest ski film by Legs of Steel, will officially be here in October and I couldn’t be more stoked. They’ve completely redefined ski films with this dramatic piece of ridiculous skiing and gorgeous scenery. They even have 4k footage of a bald eagle. There aren’t many things that beat the pure Americanism of a baldeagle. You definitely need to strap in extra tight for this one. Passenger going to be one hell of a ride. From childhood, Kevin […]

The Happiest Dog on Earth

  Watch the award-winning short film Sun Dog, as dog and man go skiing in a winter wonderland.

Rabbit vs Avalanche

Always bring a transceiver, probe and shovel into the back country. For rabbits need not apply apparently.


Marker has been a manufacturer of alpine ski bindings since 1952. Founded by Hannes Marker, the company is known for pioneering releasable binding technology. Marker’s first model, the Duplex was followed in 1953 by the Simplex toe binding which was a huge success in the 1950s. New models introduced in the 1980s were major competitors on the alpine racing circuit. Marker remained independent until the 1980s, since then the company ownership switched hands several times until becoming part of the […]

Jet Force recall

Black Diamond, Inc – on behalf of its subsidiary brands, Black Diamond, PIEPS and POC – is issuing a voluntary recall for all JetForce avalanche airbags in order to carry out a required firmware update. In a limited number of cases, system malfunctions have resulted in involuntary shutdown and/or failure to deploy. These malfunctions can be resolved by a firmware update at one of our global service centers. There have been no accidents or injuries resulting from these malfunctions. This […]